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What you would give for feeling less alone:
Your intellect, but not your heart and tears.
On nights like these your heart is made of stone.

To stop their trampling your broken bones,
And hide from them your dark and secret fears:
What would you give for feeling less alone?

They smile at the callousness you've shown,
Your icy attitude towards your peers.
These days it seems your heart is made of stone.

But still you will regret how you have grown
So distant and so lost in your veneer.
Oh, what you'd give for feeling less alone.

You'll realize that you've never really known
If someone once rejoiced to have you near.
How tragic that your heart was made of stone.

And when the final cleansing wind has blown
No one will remember you were here.
On nights like these your heart is made of stone.
What would you give for feeling less alone?
the "you" in this poem is actually addressing my wooden drawing mannequin. i did a photographic series with him (he is male, because his chest is flat and his hips are narrow) a while back, in which he symbolized every human being.
thus, this, my first villanelle, is a grand, overinflated attempt at capturing a fragment of the human condition.
Magnolia-Intimate Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm in love.
before you freak out. this is linda.
okay. to reiterate.
i love it. a tad bit overinflated gets a point across. i like the repetition of a heart made of stone in relation to a wooden mannequin...
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May 14, 2008
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